Saturday, August 27, 2011

Putting It All Into Perspective

     Yesterday, I had my first real day of clinicals. Although this is my second semester, yesterday, I felt like a REAL Nursing student. I began by getting my patients med list and listening to report. That was certainly informative. Reading the patient's history was educational as well as a lesson. The thing that really did it for me was changing out the IV bags and giving IV push meds. Loved that. The only downer of the day was when my patient vomited and he had a small bowel obstruction. The smell left something to be desired.

     My lesson of the day was that we have to appreciate the life that God gives us. You can't take any of this for granted because you never know when it's your time. The patient that I had yesterday has Stage IV Colon cancer. He's fighting it tooth and nail and he's so brave. He had a bottle of prayer oil on his stand and it was obvious to me that it's his faith that has sustained him so long.

     Death used to make me so sad. It hurts to lose something or someone whose close to your heart. I know because I've lost three babies, grandparents, an uncle, childhood best friend, and my brother-in-law. The latter was the one that sticks to me like glue. More about him later. Anyway, I was reading the Good Book one day and I found that we can't go back home to He who loves us most in the flesh. We have to be in the spirit. I just hope when it's my time, I've accomplished all that I set out to do.

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