Saturday, August 13, 2011

CoCo Puffs

     Out all of my children, there is one who stands out amongst the crowd. She has the most beautiful heart and she stands by her convictions. She has never really been a source of trouble and when she was younger, I nicknamed her my Golden Heart.

     If I need help around the house, she's there.
     If I need help with the babies, she's there.
                                                                Briana at 14 with baby, Matt.     

     Someone gets a boo-boo, CoCo is on it!

     When I do Bible study with the kids, she the most intent on understanding EVERYTHING.

     When she informed me that she plans on going to Fayetteville State University, I beamed inside because she's doing exactly what I thought she would. She's planned on college since she was 6 years old.
      This angel of mine is Briana Nicole and she was born 16 years ago. I was only 19 at the time and was enamored of this child who unexpectedly was born at home! She's number 3 in my family of 12. She was such a chubby baby that we called her CoCo Puffs and later just CoCo.

                                                                 Briana at just 2 months old!

     Through the years, she has become quite the little lady. She is modest and honest and everything that a 16 year old should be. She didn't go boy crazy, she's focused on her future, and she knows what she wants. She only sees the good in everybody and life is roses when she's around. Only once has a teacher ever called me and that was in high school. This girl has been known to give the coat off her back in the dead of winter! She would comfort a crying baby in the grocery store in a heart beat. Loves her family like no other. This is my CoCo Puff.

     When she turns 18 and heads to college, I'm going to miss that boisterous laugh and generous demeanor. I think that's one reason why I wish God would slow time down just a little. I just want a little more time for hugs and laughs and everything CoCo.

                                                          Briana and Matt last yr.

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