Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Overflowing with Thanks

      These past few months have gone by so quickly that it almost seems surreal. I've had moments that have tested my faith, drove me to tears, and brought me closer to Him. One thing keeps coming to mind.

This is a picture of my eldest son, Jason (or as I affectionately call him, Beezie).

     He's the son that I waited for my whole life. No, he's not an angel. Yes-- he's gets himself into some unimaginable situations. But at the end of the day. He's my boy. This past February, he was in an awful car accident. This pic that you see is how I found him when I got to the hospital.

     I must say that getting a phone call at 6 in the morning with someone screaming on the other line that your baby has been hurt and come quick is the most nightmarish thing that's happened to me in a long time. I hit the floor running and broke a few laws getting to the hospital. I remember that on the way, I prayed and prayed. I even offered God my life to take if he'd only let my baby be okay. Then, I called the hospital and a reassuring voice came to the phone and told me to calm down; he was talking and semi-conscious and suddenly, I knew that all was going to right with the world. It's like God said "Stop worrying; I've got this." (I have to work on my worrying-- I'm a pro at that!) Long story short, when I got there and the HP told me what had happened, I almost fell to my knees. He'd been thrown out of a window in the middle of I-77 and his friends left him to die. One even took the shoes off his feet. A stranger saw the accident, stopped to call 911, blocked traffic with her car, and prayed over my baby. If I weren't already a believer, that would've sealed the deal. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital. His doc told us that his skeleton was dissected and he had to put together with screws. Thankfully, he wasn't paralyzed or worse.
      This son of mine is a soldier. He was supposed to spend months in a wheelchair but he began walking a few weeks ago. Aside from a little PTSD, I believe he's going to be just fine. I think the attention of his ldy love, Tranika and God are responsible for that! (Funny how God puts the right people in your life at the right time.)
Here's a pic of him now.

    Smiling brighter than ever. He did something recently that I'd never thought that I'd see. He went to church, went down to the altar, and turned his life over to Christ. I can honestly say that my heart is full to overflowing. There's no guesses on my part of whose responsible for that!

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